Our range of versatile rovers are tailored to suit a range of environments and industries, and can be either autonomous or remotely controlled. Whether you're looking for a robot to aid in agriculture, warehousing, logistics, factories or education, we have a variety of combinations to meet your specific needs. Browse through our selection and discover the perfect rover for your business today.


Introducing Wombot - our versatile 4WD rover designed for relatively flat environments. Equipped with different tire combinations, it's capable of navigating concrete, gravel, grass, and dirt terrains with ease. The rails on top allow you to easily load any project onto the rover, whether it's one of our pre-designed projects like mail and parcel delivery, or your own custom project. With a weight capacity of 160kgs, Wombot can handle even the heaviest loads. Plus, you have the option to attach an optional trailer that can haul up to 360kgs with a 115-liter capacity. Discover how Wombot can transform your business.

The Rhino

Introducing Rhino - our heavy-duty tracked rover designed for rough terrain and capable of climbing 30-degree inclines. With its multi-functional platform, Rhino can be equipped with a variety of equipment such as cameras, water jets, pallets and more, making it ideal for a range of industries including patrol inspection, collaborative transportation, municipal administration, fire protection, and more.

Featuring a standard frame body design that's both lightweight and high-strength, Rhino's profiled steel and sheet metal skin structure ensures its rigidity and strength, as well as the airtightness of the machine body. The expansion platform on the machine utilizes T-slot and nut sliders, allowing it to carry a wide range of equipment.

With electronic stepless speed change, large axle torque, and high speed, Rhino offers excellent performance and flexibility. It even features an external power output that can be used as a mobile power station.

Rhino is equipped with front high-power LED lights and back turn lights for safe and convenient operation at night. Its Matilda suspension system provides excellent low-speed shock absorption, and its two wheels share the absorbing spring, resulting in fewer wearing parts and high reliability.

Additionally, Rhino offers the option for a generator or lithium battery power source, ensuring it can be customized to meet your specific needs. Discover how Rhino can revolutionize your business.

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